Time Keeping

Our time card feature makes it easy for supervisors to add hours to specific costs codes that also automatically updates your employees and equipment work history.

Daily Journals

Our daily journal feature is easy to use and automatically organizes the supervisors entries with the data used for reporting requirements. This is also built to benefit future estimates.

Equipment Usage & Maintenance

Get the most out of your equipment fleet and control the cost of rentals. Equipment utilization can be easily tracked with a simple function in the time card.

Field Change Management

Changes or delays on site can be quickly communicated to the management team from the supervisors journal. Changes from management are centralized so a site supervisors system always up to date. This allows for easy additions of extra work updating drawing or plans that have changed, among others.

Resource libraries

Resource buckets can include drawings, work plans, quality and safety documents, specifications and codes, and anything else that will benefit your site supervisors. This also helps with change management as old revisions or information can be easily deleted and replaced with the latest revisions giving instant access on site.

Dashboards and reports

Managers can stay informed at all times with automated cost and productivity reports rolled up into the managers dashboard.

Automatic notifications

Managers can stay constantly connected and stay on top of field operations with the automatic notification feature built into our system.


We provide easy access to your information so integrations are a breeze. You can set up automatic exports to your payroll software.

Company Specific Branding

You can customize the colors of the application and add your logo to match your branding.

Ready to get started with Northora?


Time savings on site and in the office.

    We help by streamlining communication and distribution of information between the office and construction site. Administation and organization of data has never been easier.

Instant access and unlimited storage.

The information for your company will be secured and stored in the Northora cloud, this also allows for instant and centralized system updates so site supervisors will always have the most up to date version and information.

Consolidate site supervisor paperwork.

Northora eliminates the need for clipboards, binders, notebooks, notes on coffee cups and the inside of a pack of gum. A smartphone or tablet can replace all of these things and information can be easily organized and accessible with Northora.

Historical data referencing.

We have a very convenient technique for linking and organizing time cards, journals, and equipment allocation so future referencing for estimates and presentations takes seconds. Paying staff to dig through boxes of paperwork, making sense out of other people spreadsheets, and cross referencing this information can be eliminated with the use of Northora.

Contribute to helping the environment.

Northora helps reduce the impact on the environment , which also translates to saving money. The enormous volume of paperwork printed daily can be reduced to an absolute minimum.

Multiple opportunities to increase profits.

Using the Northora system greatly reduces the daily functions of site supervisors which gives them much more time with their crew. It is inevitable that production will increase and work will be carried out in a safer manner when the boss is on location and engaged in the construction operations rather then berried in paperwork or stuck in the office.