About Northora

We started out of a necessity in the construction industry to build a system everyone could use. Every person on each project we worked on had a different system to track hours, equipment, and cost. It was a nightmare. Certain pieces of equipment would get rented for so long the cost to rent was way higher than if they’d been bought outright. We had to find a better solution for communication and tracking. So, Northora was born. We compiled the best of the industry standards, focused hard on usability, and design so that you don’t need a 3-day learning seminar like some other construction management software, and built something that people in the field could use and rely on. We help you track the things that really matter to day-to-day operations without trying to take over how you do business. We all have ties to the construction industry and want to see each and every one of our customers succeed. We aren’t some Silicon Valley kids trying to “re-invent” the construction industry. We’ve put our time in and seen how things can be improved.

We are an all hands on deck type of company when it comes to customer service. Your projects rely on uptime and promptness. We agree with how you think. Our CEO all the way down to our junior employees have a hand in customer service and helping you achieve your goals. If you aren’t happy, neither are we. Send us an email, live chat, or ring us up at any time to get fast service. We believe that support is part of the foundation and should be included with the software and you shouldn’t have to pay extra for help. We employ the software industries best practices for your company’s security and uptime.

We really love to hear feedback from our users and regularly reach out to our users to hear feedback on what they are loving with our product. Evolving our product is one of our main goals to fit the current constructions needs of our users. If you have any feedback at all, please don’t hesitate to send us your feedback as that is how we love to grow Northora.

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